A one day immersive session
For individual clients or groups


Get ready to find the gold

Have you ever complained about the client 'just not getting it'? Getting tired of them asking for the same predictable stuff, brief after brief? Well you're not alone. Most agencies have exactly the same complaint.

But maybe it’s not the client’s fault. The truth is, dealing with agencies is only a fraction of a marketing manager's job. That means they don't really have the time or motivation to keep on top of the latest media developments, technology or examples of award-winning work. It's not that they don't want to know all that stuff, it's just that they have other time-sensitive issues to deal with.

If you want your clients to have the knowledge and enthusiasm to go down new routes, you need to show them the way. And we're here to help you.


Exploration days

We believe the best way to learn is by doing. So we'll work with you to create interactive sessions that open your clients' eyes to new opportunities by inspiring them and getting their hands dirty.

We'll follow our RADCAT process to generate ideas, develop the best ones and take you all the way through to rough prototypes. At the end of the day, your client will understand fresh opportunities and maybe even have some ideas that will turn into active projects.

And that's most definitely a win-win situation.

Finding the Gold

A one-day session to help your clients understand new opportunities and discover new ways you can help them.

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The benefits

  • An effective new business tool

    Can become a valuable part of your pitch process.

  • More work from existing clients

    Opens your clients' minds to new opportunities with you.

  • Demonstrates investment in clients

    Shows clients you're interested in their personal development.

  • Shows focus on creating good work

    A powerful opportunity to show you're passionate about great ideas.

  • Educates staff as well as clients

    Opens the minds of everyone who attends the session.

  • Session can lead to active projects

    Ideas from the session can lead to paid work.

What you get from the session

We want these sessions to have a lasting impact on agencies and clients. So we leave you with resources that you and the client can use to continue exploring the topic:

Basic prototypes for potential live projects

Summary document of the day's activities

Summary of the top learnings from the topic

and, most importantly, you also get

Clients who understand new opportunities
that can lead to future projects


The financial bit

We can run the session as a one-off activity or as part of an ongoing programme.
The costs can vary slightly, depending on venue and other factors. As a guide, the base costs are:

Single session



Programme of 4 sessions


(£15k for 4)

Plus venue, lunch and refreshments. Includes reasonable preparation, resources and summary document.

Let's talk

If you want to know more about holding a RADCAT exploration session for your clients, drop us a line.

We'll send you a document outlining all of this and set up a time to chat.

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How to use the sessions

The sessions work for groups of clients or as dedicated sessions for individual clients. And they are as useful for new business people as they are for client services.

We work with you beforehand to decide on the area you want to focus on, whether that's a new technology, a different media choice or a fresh strategic direction. The session will then focus on encouraging the client to think about the benefits and opportunities of your chosen topic through practical experience.

The sessions are about demonstrating your interest in helping your clients do great work. A sustained approach is obviously better for that. We'll work with you to create an ongoing programme (and put together a more economical package to match). Each time time the workshop will be tailored to your needs according to what you want to focus on and what you hope to achieve.

A product you can sell

We're happy for you to offer our RADCAT sessions as part of your agency services. We'll give you resources to help promote the sessions and give you a reduction to allow for a markup. You can obviously charge for your involvement in the sessions. Or simply use the sessions to help you win new business.

Let us know if you want to add it to your agency offering.

I like the sound of that

A creative boost

If your agency is really serious about effective ideas, we'd like to help you go even further.

We have learnings from the worlds of neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, social science, behavioural economics and other areas that can improve the quality of anyone's thinking. We're most interested in creating workplaces and processes that feed people's minds, encourage fresh thinking and drive people to come up with ideas that deliver real change.

Our founder, Dave Birss, is a former creative director who helped to lead the departments of agencies including Poke, McCann Worldgroup, OgilvyOne, DraftFCB and others. He's advised ad agencies, digital agencies, healthcare agencies, B2B agencies, PR companies and lots and lots of clients on creativity. His thinking has been valued by the IPA, D&AD, the DBA and multiple advertising associations around the globe. He used to be the editor at large for The Drum. And you can find him speaking on creativity and innovation at conferences all over the world.

If you're really serious about creativity, this is how you prove it.

Yup. We're serious.

What exactly is RADCAT?

Generating ideas is a process. And RADCAT is a system that guides you through it, from research to prototype. It's designed to improve the thinking of every kind of organisation, not just those in the creative industries.

Here's a short film that explains it in just over a minute:

RADCAT brings together the best thinking from the worlds of consulting, innovation, advertising and design.
And it simplifies it into six simple steps.

These steps are supported by a growing bank of tools, techniques and resources to help anyone tackle any kind of problem.

We offer training to help organisations use the system to generate more effective ideas. And soon we'll be launching a full package with access to a broad range of resources and ongoing support.

RADCAT is the alternative to the ineffective brainstorm that's been limiting corporate thinking for decades.

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